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Enzo Milano Clipless Curling Irons for Long Lasting Waves!
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13mm Round Clipless Curling Iron (1/2") by Enzo Milano
13mm Round Clipless Curling Iron (1/2") by Enzo Milano13mm Round Clipless Curling Iron (1/2") by Enzo Milano
13mm Round Clipless Curling Iron (1/2") by Enzo Milano
Price: $129.99
ON SALE: $119.95
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
The 13mm Round curling iron is the Enzo Milano version of your classic 1/2 inch barrel. The 13mm Round was a hit in Paris as it took home the Grand Prix Award as the Most Innovating Iron. Whether or not you decide to wear our Heat Resistant glove that each of our irons are packaged with. You'll be able to create a beautiful spiral up-do, a beautiful perm like look, or just touch up various areas giving you a finish in record time.

Brand: Enzo Milano
Collection: Clipless Curling Irons
Type: Ceramic Curling Iron [view all curling irons]
Size: 1/2 inch or 13mm

  • Non-Stick Coated Barrels:  Non-Stick Coating provides a protective barrier for the hair shaft.  Hair glides easily over the barrel eliminating friction and tangling. Non-Stick Coating is easily wiped clean to avoid residue build-up with product use.
  • Ergonomic Design: Enzo Milano’s 13MM Curling Iron features a light-weight revolving handle which maximizes turn control (360 degree) and comfort.
  • Tribostatic™ heat sink:  Each Iron is constructed with heat-resistant materials, read more below under Technology.
  • 8 foot tangle free, 360° swivel cord
  • Light Weight: n/a


  • Package includes a 100% Heat Resistant Safety Glove, which speeds the curling process without burning.
  • Operates at 110 volts DC, for use in the United States, Canada & Mexico


  • Lifetime Warranty


Enzo Milano™ Clipless Curling Irons use a state of the art ceramic core, surrounded by our exclusive Tribostatic™ heat sink. The even heat of our exclusive Tribostatic™ Curling Irons in conjunction with the presence of negative ions will cause proteins within the hair shaft to shift from its original form to create a new bond between the protein chains and re-establish evenly throughout the hair shaft sealing the hair cuticle into its curled state.

How does Tribostatic™ heat sink work? - Tribostatic™ heat sink is a passive heat with an ion sink used to control the temperature of the ceramic resistor device by distributing the heat and ions evenly throughout the curling iron barrel.

How do Enzo Milano™ Curling Irons produce negative ions? -Enzo Milano™ Irons produce negative ions by using the highest grade materials that have the tendency to become negatively charged. These materials produce the most negative ions on the market today.

5 Star - Enzo Milano 13MM Curling Iron ReviewMy First Clipless Curling Iron:: Lizz

My hair is board-straight and usually will not hold a curl for more than a few hours, whether using an iron or curlers. However, when I used the 13mm Clipless Enzo Milano Curling Iron, my curl lasted literally all day. I didn’t need to use mousse or hairspray before curling; I merely sprayed a quick spritz of hairspray after curling each section of hair. Because I have always used curling irons with a clip attached, it was a bit difficult at first to figure out how to use the device. I might have an easier time curling someone else’s hair with this device than curling my own. Also, the included fiber glove is truly necessary when using this product so that fingers don’t get burned. After curling a few pieces of hair, I found a rhythm: twist a piece of hair around the barrel, hold it for a few seconds, and release. The non-stick barrel truly made a difference, and it heated up in seconds.

Buying the right curling iron is not easy, your opinion and experience matters and can help others finding the right product easier. Simply send us an email at reviews@flatirons.com and we will publish your review.

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