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Customer Opinions about the Best Professional Blow Dryers!


5 Star - Enzo Milano Ciclone Hair Dryer ReviewHigh-End Hair Dryer :: By April Vaughan

Pros:  The look and style are very high end and upscale made out of high quality materials rather than the cheaper, plastic, low end competitors it feels solid yet luxurious and offers a sharp, tight, grip while drying the hair the intensity of the flow of air has great strength and exact aim the noise produced was normal and tolerable very easy to navigate through the different options, functions and settings. The end result: hair dried significantly much faster leaving the hair with a brilliant shine and sheen and was soft and silky to the touch that lasted for days.

Cons:  A bit heavier than others but not terribly uncomfortable, if anything, to build up muscles while blow drying the hair :) other than that I can not think of anything else that was negative.

* * * * * *


5 Star - David Babaii Hair Dryer ReviewSo lightweight and powerful! :: Reviewed by Jorge

Iím pleasantly surprised about the David Babaii hair dryer. It is very lightweight and powerful.  This blow dryer produces a steady air flow without the usual noise. My hair was dry in minutes!  Plus, it looks and feels healthier, and has more shine than usual.
I prefer the highest level of hot air which tends to make my hair frizzy.  Although, with this dryer I didnít experience any frizz or static!  This professional hair dryer is definitely worth the moneyÖmy hair looks better than ever!

5 Star - David Babaii Hair Dryer ReviewThis blow-dryer is great! :: Reviewed by Jennifer Pompa

With all the features like 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings it has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a top of the line blow-dryer.
While it doesnít pack a punch like the some of the more heavy duty models, it still gets the job done in great time. My favorite parts of this blow-dryer are:

  1. The weight. Ití so light weight, if you have long hair or hair that takes a few more minutes to dry than normal, your arms will thank you.
  2. The sound. Itís very very quite.
  3. The end result. The air control nozzle, the infusion of Ions, and the ability to leave the blow-dryer permanently on the cold setting instead of having to hold a button down, leave you with the most shiny healthy looking hair ever.

* * * * * *


5 Star - FHI Hair Dryer ReviewBest Hair Dryer :: Reviewed by Carie M

This is the best hair dryer I've found in years! It not only dries your hair fast, but leaves hair smooth and shiny. Regular hair dryers always left my hair dull and the ends frizzy. This dryer is built with high quality materials, high powered yet doesn't blow too hard and is very quiet. Easy to use controls with the perfect amount of heat and speed and a cool shot that really works. At a little over one pound it is slightly heavier than cheaper blowers, but not noticeable.

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