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Pink Platform 1" Flat Iron by FHI Heat | ON SALE
Pink Platform 1" Flat Iron by FHI Heat | ON SALE
Pink Platform 1" Flat Iron by FHI Heat | ON SALE
Price: $199.99
ON SALE: $119.95
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
The (1") Pink Platform Flat Iron by FHI Heat is a professional-grade ceramic flat iron with the ultimate in advanced styling technology. It offers variable temperature settings from 140 - 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Brand: FHI Heat | Collection: Platform (Pink)
Type: Ceramic Flat Iron | Plate Size: 1 inch
Temperature: Adjustable from 140o - 450oF | Power: 45 Watts | Voltage: 120 Volt
Working Weight: 8.1 oz.
Warranty: 1 Year

The Platform 1” flat iron includes: Tourmaline plates produce negative ions. This reduces static and allows your hair to absorb moisture so your locks feel soft, smooth and healthy.

- Model: BM-206V | Hair Straighten Iron
- Variable temperature control for the widest operating range offered by any iron.
- Flat Iron can heat from 140°F up to 450°F.
- Heats up quickly and maintains the selected temperature for optimal styling.
- Low electromagnetic field reduces static so your hair stays straight and frizz-free.
- Snag-proof corners decrease breakage and prevent hair from getting caught in heat plates.
- Solid 3-layer backed ceramic plates are durable and resist scratching and peeling.
- Nano-Fuzeion™ Technology helps you achieve gorgeous style with unmatched shine and conditioning.

Whether smoothing and straightening unruly hair for a glossy shine, adding waves, or building volume to fine or limp hair, this product will be the foundation of your styling toolbox.

The FHI Heat Platform Pink 1” flat iron is among the best on the market today. Allowing you the highest level of styling versatility, this flat iron will both protect your tresses and give you beautifully sculpted hairstyles time after time. You will have red carpet-ready hair with this easy to use straightening iron by FHI Heat.
5 Star - FHI Heat Flat Iron ReviewBest Flat Iron! :: Reviewed by Antonella Karlin

I've tried a number of flat irons and this one is, by far, the best! It gets my very curly hair stick-straight and leaves it so much silkier than the other irons I've used. This product is worth every penny!

5 Star - FHI Heat Flat Iron ReviewAwesome Results :: Reviewed by P. Lanca

I bought this flat iron after having an FHI used on my hair at the salon. The stylist told me FHI's were the best. My hair has never looked better. This iron heats up very quickly and I only need to pull it through my hair one time. I actually cut out using the blowdryer. I am very happy with this product.

5 Star - FHI Heat Flat Iron ReviewHair Geek :: Reviewed by J. Webb

I get monthly chemical relaxers, so I just need a flat iron to take the texture out of my hair when I blow dry. I don't know about using a flat iron as a daily straighener because my hair is already chemically straightened.

My texture is medium-coarse and this iron leaves my hair shiny and soft. I use my FHI once a week whenever I wash it, and I feel the difference for days. The CHI may have just been too hot for my hair because the one I had didn't have the temperature setting. After I used this FHI a few times, I gave my old CHI to my friend. My hair would be shinny with the CHI, but it would also feel hard and fried. Plus after about 2 days, it seems like it needed to use some serious CHI heat again which may have contributed to my hair breakage so I stopped using it.

My hair dresser uses FHI and my hair always feel great. I would get many compliments so after getting my hair back into health, I turned again to the high heat ceramics. When I use the FHI, I can go a nearly a week with using minimial or no additional heat. I especially noticed the difference in the back of my hair (known to some as the "kitchen").

I still use my good cheapo ceramic conair iron daily at a low setting as needed. I could also use the FHI daily at the lower settings, but the cheaper irons do just as well after my hair is initially strengthened with the FHI. So why burn out this expensive iron everyday?

I've used many flat irons and hair products. To me, the health of your hair and your regime makes a huge in the determining whether a hair tool or hair product works. I definitely recommend any flat iron that is ceramic. Even the cheap ones help my hair hold moisture - less frying. It makes a huge difference for me! Combine it with a ionic dryer, a great conditioner and setting lotion, and I am good!

5 Star - FHI Heat Flat Iron ReviewAwesome Flat Iron :: Reviewed by Joan Bennett

My stylist recommended the FHI flatiron. It's great! Heats up quickly. I set temp to about 370 degrees and my hair is so silky. If you have frizzy hair and are looking for a flat iron that will not only make the hair straight but also feel silky smooth then I would get one of these.

Buying the right flat iron is not easy, your opinion and experience matters and can help others finding the right product easier. Simply send us an email at reviews@flatirons.com and we will publish your review.

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